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    Getting Crafty in 2010

    Monday, January 11th, 2010


    My sister and I have been talking about working together on a bunch of projects this year.  We are both very excited to make both things for our homes and for ourselves and our children.  Today we spoke for a little while and solidified our intent to get our craft on.

    She started making a tangible list of projects and that has inspired me to make a list of projects too.  With the thought of creative list making in mind, I was wondering what blogs inspire you.  We have discussed it here on MDM in the past, but I was wondering if anyone had any new inspiration blogs to offer.

    A few that I have been enjoying and gleaning inspiration from are:

    Burdastyle – a site dedicated to sewing and altering patterns to express your own individuality.  There are a whole bunch of free patterns that you can download and and print out, and some that are offered at very low prices.  Their blog is very active and frequently makes say out loud, “I want to make that!”

    The Purl Bee – While I would classify myself as NOT being a knitter, I do enjoy fiber arts and one day will put myself in that category.  Until that time, I find a lot of inspiration for projects from the Purl Bee.  They have many knitting projects but they also have a lot of other types of projects too.

    Nap Time Crafts – I love this site because it constantly reminds me that even with small children I can still make time to work on projects.  She has really colorful and cute projects for herself and her home and often puts together tutorials for the things she makes.  She’s very big on sharing knowledge and telling her readers how she made things and I LOVE that attitude.

    The Little Green Notebook - This site is run by a woman who is a great home decorator.  She is getting back into the game and opening her business after having children.  She posts projects she has worked on for both herself and her clients, things that inspire her and how she did the occasional project too.  I find a lot of inspiration from both her designs and in where to buy certain items.

    Steep Street - As a photographer, I have been finding great inspiration from this blog.  She always inspires me with her creative use of PhotoShop and her ability to capture the light and see things in angles that I might not think of.  She has really inspired me to learn my software better and be able to use my tools to create more creative art pieces.

    What has been inspiring you lately?  Are there any projects that have been bouncing around in your brain lately?  Are there specific colors or themes that have really been catching your eye lately?  Where are you finding your creative inspiration?

    Inspiration corner (nook? cranny?)

    Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

    I saw a photo today that caught my soul on fire, swept me away with the idea of possibility.

    I’d steal it and post it here, but that’s not so right.

    So go here and look at the 4th picture.

    Could you die? I covet (truly covet, in that commandment breaking way)that tray -including the gorgeous little bowls of food. Our picnics usually consist of eating out of lovely zip-loc bags.

    Note to self:

    Dear Awesome Mamajama,

    Please add the following to the to-do list.

    1. Find cheap sheets with cute pattern

    2. Make simple, gigantic picnic blanket out of said sheets

    3. Get out tray that you already have, that isn’t as cute as the one in the picture but is still pretty cute in it’s own right, and is made cuter by the fact that you already own it. Ditto with bowls. (Go with the plastic bowls.)

    4. Find food.

    5. Have picnic. Maybe two.

    Let’s get on this quickly please, I think it deserves top priority.

    Best always,


    What’s inspiring you today?

    You say you want a revolution?

    Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

    I posted this on my blog earlier this week, and it started an avalanche of inspiration for myself and friends. (Seriously, I thought I was the only one who couldn’t get it together. Does everyone think that?)  So we’re starting a homemaking revolution – turning our houses into homes, making mundane days magical.  Learning the real definition of nurture, and the skills of taking care of a household. And hopefully playing and laughing a lot along the way.

    So without further ado:


    Don’t you just love new beginnings? New Years, a birthday, a new school year, even the start of a new month – all arbitrary  but seemingly fitting times to introduce change.  I’ve been feeling the itch to shake things up for a little while now. Our days have been kind of unfocused, unproductive, frustrating.  I knew change was needed, but didn’t quite know what kind.

    At the same time, I’ve been putting off figuring out what we’re doing for our little co-op preschool this year.  Yesterday I decided to buckle down and try to get a grip on it. As I did, a vision started to emerge, books started filling up my Amazon cart, websites linked. (Can websites link? Whatever.)

    Anyway.  I’ve caught a glimpse of the life I want us to have, and I’m using the beginning of this school year to mark the start of the change. It’s not concrete in my mind yet, I still have reading to do to solidify concepts and practice from  inspiration, but I’m excited about it.

    If you’re interested in what our life will look like this fall, here’s a little virtual inspiration wall:

    Embracing Creativity

    Playing with Fabric



    Lots of photos




    I’m excited to see it take shape- and excited for the joy these changes will hopefully bring. I’ll let you know what happens as we go.