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  • This is Halloween (HALLOWEEN, halloween)

    Halloween is big in our house. BIG. Z has declared it her favorite holiday ever since she was old enough to declare such things, and last year she had a record 5 costumes. Planning starts for the next year on Nov. 1, and it gets talked about all. year. long.

    Seeing as it’s October 1st, it’s about time to start celebrating. Last year I picked up this adorable count-down to Halloween …thing, calendar I guess, (it’s not an advent calendar, because it’s not advent.), and filled it with candy.

    This year I wanted to step back from the candy every day idea, and instead filled it with slips of paper containing Halloween missions. They include everything from “Go to a pumpkin patch” to “read a Halloween book”, and even “Find out what’s inside a pumpkin”. I’ve also included things that will need to be done for Z’s annual Halloween party (which will be Z and A’s party this year), like making and sending invitations, and buying things for the party.

    Hopefully this will allow us to spread out the celebration, avoid a bit of the candy, and not binge on our rather massive stack of Halloween books and movies right at the beginning of the month. And since I know (it will be a surprise for the girls) that two of the days have papers that say “Get a new Halloween book” and “Get a new Halloween movie”, hopefully that will keep me from buying new things all month long.

    It’s also inspired me to try to make a “holiday” countdown calendar that can be changed up and decorated for each holiday so that we could do the same thing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, birthdays, Easter, you name it. Having a separate calendar for each holiday is a bit much, but with just one, you’d only have to store it and the decorations that went with.  Has anyone done anything like this?

    And before I go, let’s zoom in on this darling pumpkin, shall we?

    I LOVE it. Doesn’t it look like it’s been painted? *blissful sigh*

    3 Responses to “This is Halloween (HALLOWEEN, halloween)”

    1. Jessica says:

      Love the pumpkin!
      Love the countdown calendar!
      Love Halloween!

      Such fun stuff going on at your house this month!!!

    2. Rachel says:

      Our neighbors put up a skeleton face on their garage and so my 4 year old told me on the way to playgroup today that he wanted to put up the Halloween decorations right then. I told him we’d try to start it this weekend. Following Halloween last year for I don’t know how many months the story before bedtime was a retelling of Halloween in exquisite detail including all the trips out for trick-or-treating, specific houses visited, etc. Sunday Halloween is going to be a little tricky this year. Not exactly sure how we are going to handle it yet.

    3. Chris Unwin says:

      I too love Halloween. What Halloween movies do you have? I’ve been able to find a couple but was curious as to where and which ones you have that are kid friendly. As for Halloween being on Sunday, Trick or Treating will be Saturday night here in Utah. That’s when I got the idea of a formal style Halloween dinner, with candles, and squeeky door noises. Something like out of an old black and white movie. Toying with the black and white theme or having everyone wear their costumes. It will be kid friendly with the grandkids in mind. Well as I can’t re-read this comment (won’t let me scroll up on my phone) hope you get the gist. HaPpY HaLLowEEn FuN!

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