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    I have a thing for door hangings. I try to always have a wreath or other door hanging at all times. They are usually season or holiday inspired.

    I saw an idea for a Halloween inspired door hanger/wreath and I loved it.  I haven’t been able to find the original blog post so if you know whose it is please leave a comment and I’ll update this post with proper credit. I have been thinking about making it for a few weeks but couldn’t quite bring myself to do it.  Making a Halloween decoration would mean that Autumn is really here.  I don’t think I was quite ready for that.

    Well this morning I decided that I would put it off no longer.  From my kitchen window I can see the trees in the mountains of Utah beginning to change colors.  There is no denying that Fall has begun.

    Halloween Wreath

    Supplies Needed:

  • Picture frame
  • Twigs
  • Black spray paint
  • Black Ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Directions:
    Take the twigs outside and spay paint them black. I had the help of my three year old son so we also painted a bunch of rocks, grass and other things we found in the yard.

    My frame was already black but if yours is not, give it a nice coat of paint as well.

    Grab that trusty glue gun and position the twigs in a manner that is pleasing to you.

    Glue a black ribbon onto the back of the frame.

    Voila! Now you have a new spooky Halloween decoration for your door or wall and it only took a few minutes to make.

    Halloween Wreath 2

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    3 Responses to “Halloween Door Decoration”

    1. Cutzi says:

      So is this your actual front door?? I love it! And love your fall planter, as well.

      I think I might try this frame too… closer to Halloween it might look cute with a few spider webs strung across it and maybe a little hidden spider?

    2. Maryanne says:

      I LOVE this. so. much. So simple, and so cool!

    3. Jessica says:

      Yep, that’s my front door. I have a little conquistador keeping guard. I love your idea of adding some cobwebs and a spider or two, Cutzi!

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