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    It is gorgeously overcast and *almost* gloomy outside. It’s the kind of weather that makes me want to hole up in my house, do art projects, and maybe (maybe!) venture out to the library. Maybe. Which is perfect, because that’s what we have planned for the day.

    The girls are dressed and fed, and playing with their “strawberry girls” – the newest obsession at our house. We get obsessed easily around here, if you hadn’t noticed.

    The laundry basket is full of clean clothes, waiting to be folded and put away.

    My desk is a complete mess, but on the very top of the mess is a portrait of Z’s favorite stuffed animal, drawn by one of our dear friends (who is a brilliant artist), so that makes me happy.

    All around the house, things are *almost* tidy, but not quite. There are dishes in the sink, a pile of papers on the counter, leftover breakfast and a butterfly identification guide on the table. The floor needs to be vacuumed.

    I’m thinking about preschool, which starts next week, and what last minute things need to get done.

    I’m thinking about friends, one who just had a baby, one who had a baby 2 weeks ago, and one who is sad, and wondering what I can do to help.

    And now I’m reveling in the beauty of my life.  There are moments (hours, weeks) that are so busy and chaotic, but at the core it really is simple, clear, and often shiny.  :) And exactly what I want.

    What’s going on with you, at this moment?

    2 Responses to “At this moment”

    1. Hilary says:

      I’m mulling over actually coming to playgroup this week. It sounds nice. I need some nice. :)

    2. Jessica says:

      “…and often shiny.” I love this word!!! It sums up motherhood’s wonderful moments perfectly.

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