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  • Here’s to Fall!

    Oh, it has been a while, hasn’t it. Can I claim I was just taking the summer off? Let’s just go with that. :)

    Looking back over my “yay, it’s summer!” post, I have to be pleased with what we actually accomplished this summer. Lots of swimming, lots of playing with friends, lots of reading, (both by little miss and to the little miss and her sister), and a decent amount of organization.

    And now it’s time for fall. I love autumn, I really do. I love the shift in the weather; the cool mornings are  inspiring to me in a different way than the bright, sunny mornings of summer tend to be. I love the feeling of new beginning that a school year starting brings.

    Around here we’re planning out our school year (ABC school for the 2 year old, a year of Book Adventures for the 4 year old) , as well as planning lots of art projects, field trips, and time with nothing much at all planned.  I’m trying to get back on my cleaning schedule- it works so well when I’m actually on top of it!- and attempting to cull the clutter overtaking my house. All of which I will hopefully write about here.

    Do you have any great fall plans? Do share!

    One Response to “Here’s to Fall!”

    1. HIlary says:

      Yes, it has been nice to get back on a schedule. I do so love my scheduling. :)

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