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    A number of factors have been conspiring to get me off my duff and get my kids outside. Now, I’m a huge proponent of getting kids outside and into nature; there was a time that friends who lived near me knew that they’d find Z and me out on a walk for a good portion of the day. But life has kind of gotten away from me, and it took some reminding recently (from Calm and Compassionate Children: A Handbook) to convince me that we needed to make it priority again.

    So beginning this week, we’ve moved our schedule around to get out for a walk first thing after breakfast- before the madness of the day begins. It’s been wonderful! The girls have been mellower, and we even met a lovely little caterpillar friend.

    So imagine my amusement when I discovered that this month is “Children and Nature Awareness Month”. How fitting! And to celebrate, this blog has issued a challenge: go outside everyday, rain or shine; then take a picture each day, for the rest of April, of your children outdoors and post it. Just a single picture will do; words aren’t even necessary.

    Isn’t that a great challenge? I’m going to participate, and I’d love to know if you’re going to too. If you don’t have kids, get outside and take a picture anyway!

    Here’s some pictures to start:

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