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    Someday, perhaps soon, I will have things of my own to write here. But seeing as I was up until 5:30 in the morning with a completely awake and screaming child, I thought I’d share some other people’s thoughts (far more coherent than my own) that jumped out at me today. All of them are quoted in Writing Motherhood, an excellent book that I highly recommend.

    “What made my predicament worse was that I had come to believe one of the great American myths- the myth of the natural mother. I grew up thinking that parenting in general and mothering in particular was something a woman could just do without preparation…. We all thought that a “good mother” didn’t need lessons. -Susan Cheever

    Motherhood is a job. With most jobs, the more you do it, the better you get at it. There’s a certain learning curve and then you’re fine. Motherhood is a job where the learning curve never ends. You’re constantly trying to figure out the parameters of what’s expected of you. – Kate Moses

    It’s easy to lose sight of the larger perspective when we’re caught up in daily life- signing permission slips, making lunches, teaching our children to be kind to one another. It doesn’t always feel as if we’re doing anything truly profound. And yet with each kiss, with each lesson, we are doing the work of the ages. – Denise Roy

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