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  • On being a Martha. No, not that one.

    Oh my friends, it’s been a while. The fact is, I’ve been feeling like a bit of a mess on the homemaking front. I have enough laundry to choke a horse (if you were into that kind of thing, although it probably wouldn’t take that much. Choke an elephant? A herd of elephants?), clutter everywhere, and our household schedules are kaput. I feel completely ineffectual and unproductive.

    Martha Stewart I am not.

    (Although I did make two baby blankets today, that’s kind of Martha S.-ish.)

    But as I thought just now about also being such a slacker about posting here, and then thought that posting would just make me a poser, I remembered the Martha we named this site after. And I remembered what was said about her. She was “careful and troubled about many things”. She wasn’t a master homemaker, if she was, she wouldn’t have been so stressed out about having guests; things would have been under control on that front. But she was working at it, trying to make everyone comfortable, trying to nurture, and she was concerned.  And I’m certain that when she allowed herself to slow down and “choose the better part”, she received inspiration and teaching not only for her spiritual life, but her physical-cleaning her house- life as well.

    And I’m hoping that with some refocusing, I will too.

    3 Responses to “On being a Martha. No, not that one.”

    1. Julie says:

      I’ve missed your posts. If we never did anything until we were perfect at it, it would be a boring world. You’re doing just fine. :)

    2. Hilary says:

      It’s all a balancing game.
      Like an elephant hula-hoopnig rings on its arms, balancing on a board on a ball and catching peanuts.
      And he’s on fire. :)

    3. Carolyn says:

      Glad you caught a few minutes to post.

      DH is re-finishing the walls here. And he also helped a neighbor finish a concrete pad. I feel helpless to keep up, but make a stab at a small area now and then. Sometimes you have to adjust to reality. I’ve been trying to work on some other things in the meantime.

      Small kids can be almost as messy and distracting as a hubby and nephew with concrete, plaster, poles, sanders, electric equipment, hand tools, paint, plastic, tape, etc. So give yourself a break.