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    Who’s looking back at you?

    Monday, February 15th, 2010

    Yesterday I posted the following status on Facebook:

    “Ever catch a glimpse in the mirror and not recognize yourself? That totally just happened to me.”

    My hair is in the process of growing, and I think it’s hit its teenage years, because it is completely doing its own thing. Luckily I liked what it was doing yesterday, it just caught me by surprise.

    But this is incidental to my point. My uncle, in response, wrote:

    ‘Wait until your sister, mother, aunt, or grandmother looks back at you. I’ll post a picture of your great grandmother  — perhaps she is looking back.”

    I hear people worry that they’re starting to look like their mothers;  I’ve always looked like my mom, and I love it.  I love the parts of me that remind me of her when I look in the mirror.  When I was little I looked exactly the same as one of my cousins, and in turn one of my girls looks just like her cousin did at her age.  Farther than that, I don’t know where my face comes from. I haven’t looked into older family pictures enough to know who resembles whom among my assorted grandmothers, great aunts and 2nd cousins.

    But I love that image of women from my family’s past looking back at me, as the one who currently carries the trace of their eyes, or smile, or nose; keeping an eye on what I’m doing.

    Or maybe it’s not a physical trait that we share, but a talent or skill. I think of the Mary Ann  for whom I’m named, who snuck a cutting of her beloved yellow roses in her purse back in the 1800s, and kept it alive all the way across the Altlantic  and through a treacherous trek over the US to finally plant them in her new home in Hyde Park, UT.  I like to think she smiles as she sees our balcony garden, (or me doing something sneaky). :)

    So, on this President’s Day, as we celebrate important people from our country’s history, let’s celebrate those from our own individual histories as well. Who do you look like? Who do you act like? Who’s looking back at you? And how do you preserve the memories of them, to share with those in your family who are younger?

    2 for 2 :)

    Sunday, February 7th, 2010

    I made two new recipes this week, both “borrowed” from others.

    Homemade pot pie (thanks Brookey!)

    Shepherd’s pie (thanks Chef Ramsey!)

    Plates were licked, so Success!

    What yummy meals have you made lately?

    Instant spice

    Sunday, February 7th, 2010

    I know I just posted, but I had to share my morning’s inspiration to add instant spice to our day:

    Add chocolate chips to the pancakes.



    What’s your recipe for instant spice?

    Gathering nuts for the winter

    Sunday, February 7th, 2010

    I feel like I’ve been in a season of gathering lately. Ideas and inspiration are being found and stored away, to be put to use after pondering and thought. These are some “nuts” I’ve picked up recently:

    Steady Days

    The Art of Simple Food


    Simplicity Parenting

    I haven’t really put any of these ideas to use yet; I’m kind of letting them simmer for a while to see what ends up bubbling up to the surface as important.

    What’s inspiring you these days?