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  • I have a confession to make

    I write poetry.

    There.  I admitted it.

    I usually don’t think of myself as creative.  Creative is my aunt, who is an author.  Creative is my friend, who takes such beautiful photographs.  Creative is Martha, not our Martha, but the other one :)

    You know what?  I’m done downplaying it.  I’m creative too.

    I bought myself a notebook at Target on New Years, and I’ve been consciously making time to write.

    How do you nurse your inner creative sparks?  And how do you keep yourself and the others you share your life with from downplaying your own and their own creativity?

    89 Responses to “I have a confession to make”

    1. Jessica says:

      Hooray for embracing your inner artist! I finally decided that I am going to call myself an artist. I may not paint incredible pictures, but I sew something fierce and I’m a pretty darn good photographer, I write and do anything I can to express myself creatively any chance I get. For the longest time people would ask me if I was an artist and I’d joke saying that I pretend to be one. I’m done joking. I want to be an artist so I’m going to say that I am! I’m excited for your poetry and I hope one day you’ll feel comfortable calling yourself a poet.

    2. Maryanne says:

      Oh Brandy, HOORAY!Seriously, this post makes me so happy.

      I think it’s really hard to accept our own creativity as worthy when we compare it to others who we see as really accomplished. But those people have probably 1)been working at it for a really long time, 2) made some really ugly things in their time. I think getting past our own vanity and being willing to venture out of our comfort zone to make things that turn out not quite the way we expected is key in being comfortable in our creativity. If we don’t claim our title as artist, poet, etc because our creations aren’t perfect every time, we’re missing out.

      A friend referred to me as a writer the other day, and it made me realize I really want to own that.

      As for nursing creative spark – I think setting aside time is key, as is trying new things.

    3. Marie says:

      Yea For us all. Let us Create!