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  • It’s time for Christmas songs!

    Well, Thanksgiving is over, which means the Christmas tree is up, and the Christmas music is back on the play list.

    I grew up in a Christmas music loving family – my mom finally had to institute a rule that the music couldn’t come out until July 1. Yes, you read that right.  She didn’t, however, ever give a date that we had to STOP the music, so we ended up dragging that out until at least the end of January.  I have a few Christmas songs that I listen to year round, but for the most part I keep them for the Christmas season, as a special treat.

    So today I went through and created two play lists ; one of Santa type Christmas songs (a whole 76 of them) , the other of more spiritual songs (keeping the lead at 86).  And as I made the lists, I couldn’t help but listen to some. So here, for you, are some of my favorite Christmas songs, some are admittedly cheesy, but I love them, and I bet you secretly do too.

    Christina Aguilera singing Oh Holy Night

    and with a completely different take on the song, Tracy Chapman singing O Holy Night

    Sting singing Gabriel’s Message

    Christmas by Blues Traveler

    Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) sung by U2 (Seriously, this song starts and I start grinning.)

    And now the cheese: Do They Know It’s Christmas? That link is to the concert version, which I’d never seen until today. But I link to it because 1) David Bowie starts off the song, and hello, David Bowie. 2) Everyone in it is just so freakin’ adorable. I think I just renewed about 15 old crushes. But here’s the original if you want to watch that instead.

    There are plenty more, but I’ll stop for now.

    I’m always looking for more great songs, so please, share with us your favorite songs, your favorite versions.  Link to them if you like, or just list them.

    4 Responses to “It’s time for Christmas songs!”

    1. Brandy says:

      My favorite non carol is O Holy Night, and I adore that Tracy Chapman version. My favorite carol is Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, and this Jewel version:

      is quality, especially the last minute (the third verse, which gets me choked up every time).

    2. Carolyn says:

      O Holy Night: I generally like this song sung pretty much straight. These women take turns nicely. These men, too.

      I guess it’s the first night of Advent. Here’s Oh come, Oh, come, Emmanuel with lyrics. This version is also haunting.

      As far as “Santa” songs go, I like some of the old chestnuts. Only in America: A Christmas song written on a hot summer day in LA, by a Jew. Sung by Natalie Cole and her Dad’s electronic ghost. And there’s always Bing Crosby.