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  • Frito Boat

    The other night my wonderful fiance introduced me to my new favorite meal–a Frito boat.  It was fun to eat (I felt about 5) and super yummy.  Enjoy :)


    1 small bag Frito corn chips per person

    1 large can chili

    grated cheese


    1) Heat chili

    2) Open bag of corn chips

    3) Grate cheese

    4) Pour chili into bag of chips and top with cheese

    5) Eat!

    Does anyone have any fun (and maybe slightly embarassing…) meals to share?  Frito-Lay ingredients admired but not required :)

    8 Responses to “Frito Boat”

    1. Hilary says:

      I have to say that I love the boats they are being served in. Were those purchased specifically for this meal?? :-) The first embarrassing meal that came to mind was the home-made corn dogs. Remember those? :-) Nothing special . . . just hot dogs, jiffy corn muffin mix. Put the hot dogs in a baking dish and cover with the muffin mix and bake until done. :-)

    2. tanya says:

      we like frito pie. it’s nearly the same as yours, but ya bake it. put fritos in the bottom of a pan and chili on top. i bake it for a bit then add the cheese until it turns into gooey goodness. my kiddos and hubby love it.

    3. Carolyn says:

      Corn chips and corn dogs. Sometimes they just seem appropriate. I can’t eat them anymore, though. I do have a slightly embarrassing emergency “on the road” no-utensil meal which is corn free and avoids even my secondary allergies: A jar of Gerber toddler sticks (turkey), an apple, a bottle of water and a napkin or paper towel. Frito boats sound better. Rather have them in your cute boats than in the bag, though.

      I do have a more upscale chili boat recipe for Brandy – We looked forward to them at family meetings at my uncle’s house in Southern Callifornia: Homemade chili (part of a big batch , frozen, thawed and heated) over half a big Haas avocado, slipped from the peel. Rather elegant-looking for chili. But simple. And really good. Now’s the season.

    4. Carolyn says:

      p.s. I don’t eat the paper towel.

    5. Mike S says:

      Substitute tater tots for Fritos for a more filling meal!

    6. Carolyn says:

      Or, you could go all-out and put Tater Tots on the bottom and cheese and Fritos (crushed or not) on top. @Mike S

    7. Julie says:

      Those are some pretty nifty boat-bowls there.:)

      How ’bout this for even more sinfulness: melt some Velveeta cheese in a sauce pan with a can of chili until it’s of a soup consistency. Scoop out with “scoops” fritos. We really don’t do this often since it could kill you, but oohwee!

    8. Carolyn says:

      Too much fun. There’s Frito Boats – perfect for watching sporting events, Frito or Tater Tot chili pie when ordering pizza is too much trouble, and Chili/Velveeta dip, which says either “no time for pizza” or “Party”. Maybe in one of those little slow cookers.

      Brandy, you also need a recipe to serve in those boats that calls for chopsticks as “oars”.