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  • Walk like an Egyptian

    Today for our preschool adventure day we braved the local Rosicrucian museum. I say braved because we went with a passel of 3 year olds, and there were mummies involved. But for the most part the mummies went right over the kids’ heads and hopefully there won’t be any nightmares tonight.

    The reason I’m posting, though, is because of a section of the museum dedicated to home life in Ancient Egypt.  And I quote:

    Women ran the household and its industries, bore and raised children, and saw to the spiritual activities that took place in the home. Egyptians cherished their children, and much of the household ritual and magic was related to procreation. The women of ancient Egypt appreciated beauty, not only in temples and palaces, but also in the objects of everyday use.

    I’ve always had a affinity for ancient Egypt, and reading this today, I felt a deep connection to these women who lived so long ago, but who worked at the same things we do, worried about the same things (in general), and loved the same things.

    In one of the display cases they had a series of carved figures that were made to be buried with a woman when she died, portraying her different roles throughout her life. I love that thought. We all do so much, and are so many things to so many different people; sometimes we need to sit back and realize just how much we do. Preferably before we’re dead. :)

    So that’s your challenge for the day. What roles do you fill in your life? Which do you cherish? Which do you dread?  Why? Which would you carve into little figures to be buried with you?

    One Response to “Walk like an Egyptian”

    1. Hilary says:

      I would like a blanket. Maybe then I’ll actually get a nap.
      Or a night’s sleep.
      But as far as the characters, really — will there be room for my bloated body and ALL of the carvings? I doubt it. ;)