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    I read this fantastic post the other day and it got me thinking.  The whole question of what I’m supposed to do with my life has come up quite often for me, and like the author of that post, many times I’ve dreamed that my life’s mission is something huge and influential.

    A little while back, however, while talking to my mother-in-law, I started thinking about ministries.  We don’t talk a lot about ministries in the LDS church; while we talk about ministering to the sick or the poor,  we don’t refer to our leadership as ministers, or refer to our work with certain groups as a ministry. But I started thinking about those who feel called to work with specific people, to love them, to nurture their needs and weak spots – to start a ministry.

    Don’t you love it when someone else’s approach to something breaks open your perspective and helps you see things in a different way?

    The word minister has a lot of religious connotation, but in its form as an intransitive verb (yes, I did have to look that up)  it means merely to  give aid or service.  All of us do that every day. And ministry? For my purposes, this definition leaped out: a person or thing through which something is accomplished.

    I’m coming to realize that my life’s mission isn’t something visibly large and all encompassing, something impressive on a resume. The great accomplishments of my life will be in my ministering to those around me. To the little girl who woke me up at 4 this morning because there was a “monster shadow” in her closet. To the other little one currently performing an crawling obstacle course through the chairs and under the table. To my love who has to go out on a crazy rainy day.  To my friends, my family. Until earlier this week, my “official” ministry at church was with the young women 12-18. Soon it will be with another group, and I look forward to being able to dive in, give aid and service, and be a person through which something is accomplished.

    Because even though these things seem small, I know they’re not.  I’ve seen the “small” acts of those who have ministered to me, and how those acts have reverberated like ripples on a pond through the years and how they are affecting people even now.  I don’t know what effect I will have, but my heart echos this line from that post above, “Isn’t a mission from God inherently laced with magnitude?”.

    What do you feel is your ministry?

    2 Responses to “The minister in each of us”

    1. Hilary says:

      This made me giggle. We are constantly asked “what is your health ministry” today at o’connor (it’s SRONGLY catholic) but when I started there I really asked myself what my ministry was.
      I have a little notebook that I write in during my scripture reading each day. It’s what I feel like I should focus on each day, or just something I learned — some days you’re lucky to just skim the scriptures…
      I have slowly learned that some days your ministry is yourself. Just making it through your personal obstacles, but many days it is a specific person, and a few days it is many people.
      Maybe I’ll re-title my journal “personal ministry” I like it.

    2. Brandy says:

      There are days where I’m so fed up with the bureaucracy of my job and the shenanigans of the inmates that I forget the strong feeling I had in graduate school that I was being “led” or “called” to work in a prison. Thanks for the reminder, Maryanne.