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    Modern Day Martha has been up and running for just over a month, and in that time we’ve been visited over 1200 times by 280 different people (or “absolute unique visitors”, as our analytics program tells us. You lovely little snowflakes, you!).

    That’s pretty dang amazing.

    It’s so amazing that we feel like celebrating.

    So we’re having a giveaway.

    Leave us a comment telling us who you are, where you’re from, and what you like about what we’re doing and/or what you’d like to see more of.

    Want extra chances to win?

    Post a link to our blog on your blog! (Then post a link to your blog in the comments here, so we know. Please post it in a separate comment than your original comment.)

    Tweet (twitter?) about us! (Again, post a link in a separate comment.)

    Post a link to us on Facebook! (You’ve got it, post a link in a separate comment.)

    If you do all of those, you’ll have 4 chances to win.

    And what could you win, you ask?

    A handcrafted boho chic photo album (thanks to Maryanne):



    a pair of hand embellished dish cloths (thanks to Jessica):



    delicious (and gorgeous ) home baked sugar cookies (thanks to Valerie)

    (Note: the cookies you receive may be completely different than those shown, it totally depends on Valerie’s mood what she creates. Also, you will not receive this many cookies. Sorry, but your waistline will thank us.) :



    Brandy’s very most favorite book (thanks to, wait for it…… Brandy):


    We will pick random winners for each of the 4 prizes.

    You can only win once. Family members of contributors are eligible to win, but contributors are not. Sadly.

    So leave a comment now! We will leave the comments open until Midnight MONDAY OCT. 5, and will announce the winners on TUESDAY OCT. 6.

    Note: If you post a comment and it doesn’t show up, it probably got caught in our spam filter. Just give it a couple of hours and check back to see if we’ve found  and freed it to play with all the other little comments.  Thanks!


    12 Responses to “Hooray for you!”

    1. Nancy says:

      Hello! I’ve known Valerie since Southgate Elementary School, and I met Maryanne in high school. I really enjoy several things about your site. I especially like the posts about the seasons, home organization, and anything about food. Thanks for all the hard work! It’s a great site!

    2. Valerie says:

      Hello, Jessica is my cousin and I enjoy all of the creative and witty little things she contributes to. I enjoy this site as it inspires the side of me that needs to remember to slow down and enjoy life. Love this site!

    3. Mari B. says:

      I Valerie! Keep up the good work!

      ~ Mari in San Jose

    4. Kath says:

      I’d love to enter!

    5. Carolyn says:

      Those are impressive visitor stats. And it’s because your content is interesting. I have a live link in the sidebar here.

    6. Christy says:

      Hello, I’m Christy. I know the wonderful Maryanne through church! I’m from CA and I love reading all the wonderful real life antidotes that remind me why it’s so wonderful to be alive to experience little moments like you all have. Though I admit, I wish I could write nearly as clever as you do!

    7. Eileen says:

      I know Jessica from our moms’ club. I live in Utah and I’m a stay at home mom to three boys. I like the cooking portion of your site and I’d like to see perhaps simple ideas for healthy meals and attention to where that food comes from (i.e. buying local, etc.) Thanks!

    8. Jenny says:

      Thanks for this site! It gives me a lot of great ideas and a lot of inspiration too (not just for creating things, but spiritually also). Thanks!

    9. ej says:

      I am ej and I happen to be the lucky mother of the wonderful Maryanne. I am impressed that she would give up her beautiful handcrafted album which I have seen. It is quite wonderful! I am also impressed with the visitor stats. Way to go! Pretty impressive work.

    10. Rachel says:

      This is Rachel in Santa Clara. I love reading this blog because almost every post is one I could have written myself (I couldn’t write it nearly as well as everyone here does but I totally identify with it). My house is like a circus some days and I am hard on myself and I find myself at Maryanne’s food post hoping to work toward Valerie’s food post. Even though intellectually I know I’m not alone in my struggles and feelings it does me a whole lot of good to hear it more often. Thanks ladies!

    11. Marie says:

      I am Marie. Maryanne is my second cousin or first cousin once removed. I’m not sure how that all goes. My mom is her dad’s cousin. I love using the internet to connect with my distant family. I’m in Ohio. I love that you are all enthusiastic both in your searching and in your discovering. You bring youthful and insightful energy to womanhood and motherhood. Although you are so prolific that I sometimes have to play catch up with your posts. ;)

    12. Julie says:

      “who you are, where you’re from, and what you like about what we’re doing and/or what you’d like to see more of”

      I am Julie (HS friend of Brandy’s) originally from Redding, CA now from Orem, UT. I like reading about other mothers and that they are as imperfect and hard working as me. More of…adding that lovely cooking Valerie to the bio section. Organization? Household upkeep? Photography. I LOVE taking pictures.