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    It’s time for a nitty gritty post- a how do you do the things you need to to keep the house moving kind of post.

    I’ve realized that if I do a couple of small things on a daily basis, I can keep a handle on the world (or at least my house).

    1. Make my bed.

    I decided back when Z was just a tiny baby that my bed being made was going to be my signal to myself that everything was ok. Even if the rest of my house was an insane mess, and all I had managed to accomplish was to make my bed, I would have done that, and it was ok.  For a friend of mine, her “ok space” is her kitchen sink- as long as the dishes are done she can feel ok about the world.

    2. Fill the dishwasher directly after dinner.

    The food hasn’t had a chance to cement itself to the plates, and then it’s not hanging over my head for the rest of the evening.

    2a. Start the dishwasher before bed.

    Waking up to clean dishes is so much nicer than fishing around in a washer full of dirty dishes to find the plastic valve for a sippy cup while your eyes are still bleary.

    3. Tidy up the house before bed.

    Everyone else is in bed, so it’s not going to get messed up again, and it’s SO much less depressing to wake up to a clean house than a dirty one.

    4. Fully process one load of laundry a day.

    I fall behind on this one, but when I do keep up it makes life so much easier. By fully process I mean wash, dry and put away. Doing all of the steps right after the other gets it done, and doing only one load a day is so much less intimidating(and tiring and boring) than attempting to wash all of the clothes in the entire house.  I have it scheduled out which load gets done which day, Monday: white clothes, Tuesday: black clothes, Weds: kids clothes, Thursday: Sheets, Friday: White clothes (again, there’s a lot of them), Sat: Towels , Sunday: other clothes.

    What little things do you do to keep things flowing in your house? And do you have an “ok space”? What is it?

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    7 Responses to “It’s the little things”

    1. For me it’s my dishes…a clean sink makes me feel good about myself. The bed made, and the house “tided” is important too. Now that I think about it, cat care (fed, clean water, litter box scooped) makes me feel like my house is clean, even if there are dishes piled in the sink, so maybe I should change that…

    2. Hilary says:

      Ooooh, I like this. A couple of weeks ago I made a chore schedule for myself, so I do one area/chore a day and it makes me feel much better about myself (I told Justin, “after almost 7 years of marriage, I finally make a chart!”. :-)
      I think having a cleaned out sink is a big one for me. And I agree about cleaning up before bed. Someone once said they “put their house to bed” each night, just like we do ourselves. I like that thought.
      Love you and thanks for the inspiration!

    3. Carolyn says:

      The thing that makes the biggest difference to me in avoiding a “mess buildup” is unloading the dishwasher in the morning. I try to open it to allow dishes to dry (I don’t use heated dry cycle) while it’s still cool. I probably need to do more “putting the house to bed” at night.

      Hilary, a chore schedule is a good idea. I read a good review of this “Simplicity for Moms” planner in Woman’s Day (I think) while I was up in Utah for my Mom’s birthday. Could serve as an instant family history reference, too.

    4. MchllChndlr says:

      Maryanne, loved this post. I used to use FlyLady, but got totally overwhelmed. I did, however, cling to her idea of a clean sink and the days I feel ok about the house is when the sink is clean and the front room is tidy enough for drop-in visits. Hey, it is the end of the month, so maybe my church-group sisters might visit unexpectedly again, who knows? I don’t make my bed. Ever. Really. Keep up the great work, MDM!

    5. Maryanne says:

      I totally got overwhelmed by Flylady too. I think it’s common. I actually might post about it….. Thanks for commenting! How did you find us? I’m so glad you did!

    6. MchllChndlr says:

      I found you through a friend’s recommendation that I read some of the posts. I sure hope I’m not crashing a private party? :)

    7. Maryanne says:

      Absolutely not! We’re so glad you’re here! :)