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    This past weekend I went to visit family and friends in the Bay Area for Labor Day.  I have so many good memories, including watching Coraline with Justin and Hilary wearing 3D glasses and riding the carosel at the Children’s Playground in Golden Gate Park with my Mama.  The best part of my trip, though was Sunday evening, when I baked an apple pie with my Mama.

    Mama makes pieMama and I sat across from each other and peeled apples and we talked.  We talked about her upcoming retirement and my adventures in dating.  The pie was delicious (obviously):

    Apple Pie…but the time I spent making it was even better than eating it :)

    Please comment any experiences with household chores/activities that feed more than the body…

    2 Responses to “Cooking Feeds More Than The Body”

    1. Maryanne says:

      Ooh, that pie looks delicious. And I love that picture of your mama. It really captures something essential about her.
      I’m actually planning a post about this, but I find that when I really involve Z with the cleaning I’m doing that we both really benefit from the experience.

    2. Carolyn says:

      Do you ever get a sense of accomplishment from doing one of those chores you put off because you hate it? Like cleaning out the refrigerator?

      More fun to clean out someone else’s refrigerator, for some reason. I clean out my Mom’s when I visit, she cleans out mine.