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  • It’s Ok if my house looks a bit messy.

    A house in which babies are being raised is not an art gallery, a stuffy museum, or a showplace.  It is more like a factory where you expect a certain amount of confusion and clutter as part of the “production process.”

    So You Want to Raise a Boy? by W. Cleon Skousen

    Whew!  That makes me feel a little bit better.  I was feeling too tired to finish cleaning up the kitchen and to insist that my boys pick up all their toys before they went to bed.  Nights like this I tend to ignore the bit of mess and pretend it doesn’t exist.  If it existed then that would mean I was a bad mom.  Right?


    I can also breathe a little better because my house is not perfectly decorated.  It’s not an art gallery.


    It is a work in process and so are my children.

    That simple little quote really made me feel a lot better tonight.  Maybe it will help you as well.

    8 Responses to “It’s Ok if my house looks a bit messy.”

    1. Maryanne says:

      Yes, yes, yes. So much yes.

    2. Angeline says:

      That is a great quote!

    3. liz McMullen says:

      oh yea! Love it!! So many quotes i read on the subject are along the lines of, “don’t be upset upset that you are not together enough to keep your house clean, someday you’ll catch on” this, this is good