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    Today was payday (hallelujah!)  and I went grocery shopping.  Until fairly recently I would buy a lot of prepackaged meals (like Smart Ones or Top Ramen), because it seemed a lot of work to go to just for one person.  About six months ago, though, I decided to spend one evening a week cooking one or two dishes for the week.  I make a recipe for a family (4 or 6 servings), and then Tupperware it up for the week.  Then I just heat up a container for lunches.  It’s easy and I get the benefits of a homemade meal, including the savings.

    Today I made Mama’s Pot Roast:

    Pot Roast

    Here’s the recipe, in case you would like to play :)

    4 potatoes

    4 carrots

    1 beef roast


    salt & pepper

    1) Brown roast in butter, add salt & pepper

    2) Add H2O to 1/2″ depth, cover & simmer

    3) Peel potatoes & carrots, add to roast

    4) Simmer, covered, adding H2O periodically, until tender (approx. 2 hours)

    Voila :)   It’s tres yummy…

    5 Responses to “Cooking for One”

    1. Maryanne says:

      Dang it, Brandy, I already figured out my meals for the week! I’ll have to put it on next weeks list. It looks super yummy.

      I’m really glad you went to cooking meals- those pre-packaged things are full of sodium and want to kill you. :)

    2. Brandy says:

      They do want to kill me…but they are SO yummy :)

    3. Jessica says:

      Yummmm!!!! I love a good pot roast. I tend to make mine in the crock pot because I’m lazy like that, but I don’t brown it in butter. I think that would really add a great flavor. Next time I’ll try that!

    4. Brandy says:

      I think I need to buy a crock pot…

    5. Carolyn says:

      Sounds great!

      If you want a variation sometime, use oil instead of butter for browning, then smear horseradish over the surfaces of the meat after browning. Doesn’t taste like horseradish when it’s done. Or add some cabbage at the last stage of cooking for a New England Boiled Dinner.